6 x 6 = Frustration

My husband and I decided that we would add some color to our new home in Winthrop, WA. We have a large wall in our front room (family, dining, kitchen area combined into one space) that would accommodate a super large painting or two 6’x6′ paintings. We decided to go with the latter.


We set out building our own frames and stretching the canvases. I think that was the easy part. We work great as a team, so it didn’t take long to put them together.


Now it was my turn. We reviewed some of my previous art and settled on a particular one that we both liked. I got started in that direction, but quickly found that the limited palette was too constraining for me. It didn’t take long for me to start throwing lots of color on the canvases (conveniently while my husband was out!).

When he returned, I soon discovered that my new direction was not necessarily the direction he wanted to go. Back to the drawing board.

I wanted to create something different for the space, so we flipped through lots of Pinterest pics of abstract art and discussed what he liked/didn’t like…color, composition, styles.

We narrowed it down…again.

But, as I tried to create something on a grand scale and tried to create something I don’t normally/naturally do proved to be a very frustrating and upsetting experience for me. I am used to moving quickly when I paint. I don’t think a lot. I just put down paint as it flows out of me.


Working on these two monstrosities was slow going. I was second guessing myself. I was being timid and unsure about every brush stoke. I wanted to create something that we would both love. That proved to be so much harder than I thought.


In the end, I abandoned the pieces because of my sheer frustration. I wasn’t in a good place to be creative. Three days of trying yielded very little progress. My husband and I agreed that we would live with them as they are.

Once we got all the paints and supplies put away, plastic off the walls and the tarp removed, we both discovered that we liked them–just the way they were.


But, I can’t say I love them.

And, that’s okay. I believe that art is a living thing that changes as I change. I learned a lot in the process and will grow from my experience. I’m leaving these unvarnished so that when I’m ready, I’ll dive back in.

For now, we are both loving the color and interest it brings to our very white walls.


Thank you for following my art journeys!


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6 x 6 = Frustration

What I Love Most About Winthrop

My husband and I have been coming to Winthrop, WA (East of Seattle–four hour drive) for the past 9 years to go cross country skiing. It’s a small community where there are no stop lights and and most of the locals know just about everyone.

We decided to build a home and spend most of our days here. Although I live mostly in California right now, I come to Winthrop about every two months for about two weeks. During this visit we had a lot of house projects to do. We’re in the final stages of completing the home, however, it has been livable for some time.

We stained our trim and windows. Then we moved on to painting all the non-wood doors. These are not hollow doors, oh no! They are solid and extremely heavy. I got my workout.

But, we did find time to play. On our way to town on our bikes, these beautiful horses approached us while riding the trail.

There was also time to paint.

And, even time to stop and take pictures of the wild flowers.


My bags are now packed and I’m heading to California again while my handsome husband continues to work on our new home and work his day job, too. I will miss him so much!

June 22, 2017

So, what is it that I love most about Winthrop? All of the above!



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What I Love Most About Winthrop

I’m Back…for a Couple of Weeks

I’m back in Washington…at least for a couple of weeks. I spent almost 20 years in the Seattle area before moving back to where I grew up and where my brother, sister, their families and my friends are:  San Jose, CA.

My husband and I love Winthrop, WA (Northeastern Washington). We’ve been coming here for years with friends to go cross-country skiing. We decided we would spend more of our semi-retirement years here, so we built a home. Well, I should say, we’re still building, but we’re very near the end.

My first day was spent sanding the wood window frames and trim so that they can get another coat of clear varnish. That was a workout.

My second day was also spent sanding, but only had a few more windows to do and then it was my time = painting.

It was great to get my hands into the paints again and to get familiar with my (limited) supplies and wonderful space. I had left a canvas on the wall with only a couple of layers on it at the end of my last visit. I decided to tackle it first and start a new one on the side.

Getting close to done in this pic and I added a few more layers on the new canvas to the left using left over paint.

My work table with paints.

Pretty much done. I’ll take a look at it again in a day or so to see if I want to add anything more. It is 36×24″ and it still needs a name.

Thank you for following my art journey. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



I’m Back…for a Couple of Weeks