Digital Art Adventures

I packed my bag. Got my passport. Grabbed my carry-on. There wasn’t a whole lot of room left for art supplies for my 3 week trip overseas. Thinking I could handle a vacation without being creative, I didn’t add any art supplies to my luggage as we headed out the door.

Big mistake.

I create just about every single day when I’m home. It’s part of my daily routine. Not sure why I thought I could go three weeks without creating sometime….anything.

It was about a week into my trip that I really started getting antsy. That’s when I decided to finally try a digital app on my Android phone. I was totally against creating digital art because I love the feel of paint on my hands, holding a brush, sharpening my colored pencils. I knew that digital art would not offer the tactile experience. But, I found out I didn’t need all that.

I was hooked.

Now I had the ability to express myself without getting out all the paints. Without setting aside time. Without getting paint everywhere that needed cleaning up.

I had everything on my little phone and I could create whenever I had a few minutes.

Now I’m in LOVE with digital art.

Here are the first few I created.

Most of our vacation was spent at my parent’s home in Croatia. Here’s my husband, Steve, and me on the balcony which overlooks the Adriatic Sea.


I continued to create through the rest of my trip. It was a blessing to have a creative outlet without taking all my supplies with me.

Although it’s great to be back in my studio using paints, brushes and pencils again, I still create art on my phone occasionally. So, the next time you’re on a trip and need to stay creative, give digital art a try.

Here’s what I use for Android:  Artflow Studio. If you’re using Apple products, my friend uses these:  iPhone:  Sketches.  iPad: Procreate.

I’m heading to the Sacramento Art Festival this weekend, November 3, 4, 5. If you’re in the area, stop by and check out all the beautiful art. You’ll find me in booth 229.

Thank you for following my art journeys!




Digital Art Adventures