About me


Born: Toronto, Canada (yes, I’m still a Canadian citizen living in the US)
Raised: San Jose, CA; first generation Croatia
Places I’ve lived: Southern California for 7 years and Seattle, WA for 19 years
Now: San Jose, CA (back near family and friends
Started painting: about 5 years ago
How I got started: I found pictures of mixed media art on the internet and FELL MADLY IN LOVE! When I started creating abstract art: about 2 years ago (Summer 2015). It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to really appreciate and love abstract art. I love the FEELING I get when I experience abstract art. Happiness, yumminess all mixed together…like drinking coffee and eating chocolate cake at the same time.
What inspires me: EVERYTHING. It can be as complex as the world news reported or as simple as feeling the breeze on my skin. Or sometimes, it is a memory, a place I have visited, an experience, a dream.
Painting tools: I paint with acrylics (I have no patience for oil paint to dry) and many different mark making instruments such as charcoal, graphite, colored pencils, grease pencils and your good ole #2 pencil (my favorite). I love painting on different surfaces: canvas, wood, paper (watercolor, mixed media, Bristol, yupo). And, I love scratching into the surface with toothpicks, skewers, nails, putty knives…anything sharp, but that won’t make a hole in my surface!

Sharing my art journey is a part of who I am. I love to help out other artists and share anything and everything I have learned through my own journey.



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