6 x 6 = Frustration

My husband and I decided that we would add some color to our new home in Winthrop, WA. We have a large wall in our front room (family, dining, kitchen area combined into one space) that would accommodate a super large painting or two 6’x6′ paintings. We decided to go with the latter.


We set out building our own frames and stretching the canvases. I think that was the easy part. We work great as a team, so it didn’t take long to put them together.


Now it was my turn. We reviewed some of my previous art and settled on a particular one that we both liked. I got started in that direction, but quickly found that the limited palette was too constraining for me. It didn’t take long for me to start throwing lots of color on the canvases (conveniently while my husband was out!).

When he returned, I soon discovered that my new direction was not necessarily the direction he wanted to go. Back to the drawing board.

I wanted to create something different for the space, so we flipped through lots of Pinterest pics of abstract art and discussed what he liked/didn’t like…color, composition, styles.

We narrowed it down…again.

But, as I tried to create something on a grand scale and tried to create something I don’t normally/naturally do proved to be a very frustrating and upsetting experience for me. I am used to moving quickly when I paint. I don’t think a lot. I just put down paint as it flows out of me.


Working on these two monstrosities was slow going. I was second guessing myself. I was being timid and unsure about every brush stoke. I wanted to create something that we would both love. That proved to be so much harder than I thought.


In the end, I abandoned the pieces because of my sheer frustration. I wasn’t in a good place to be creative. Three days of trying yielded very little progress. My husband and I agreed that we would live with them as they are.

Once we got all the paints and supplies put away, plastic off the walls and the tarp removed, we both discovered that we liked them–just the way they were.


But, I can’t say I love them.

And, that’s okay. I believe that art is a living thing that changes as I change. I learned a lot in the process and will grow from my experience. I’m leaving these unvarnished so that when I’m ready, I’ll dive back in.

For now, we are both loving the color and interest it brings to our very white walls.


Thank you for following my art journeys!


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6 x 6 = Frustration

2 thoughts on “6 x 6 = Frustration

  1. Kim says:

    Betty, this is so interesting! I love the paintings at all stages. It would be so tough to paint something that you both love – heck, it would be tough to hear that he didn’t love them! I can understand your hesitation and timidity toward the canvases after that. Your honesty about the process is awesome.

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    1. Hi Kim! Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, it was hard to hear about what he didn’t like or what he wanted different. It was very hard to please us both. But, he knew that in the end I would do what I needed to do to create. He’s very supportive! As I write this and stare at them, I have started to love them more and more just as they are. I think I was being extremely critical of myself and my abilities. Now I can just simply enjoy them!


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