Landscaped Blues

I had the pleasure this past week of creating a special commissioned painting for a family’s living room. I met Jill and Rick during the Burlingame (California) Art & Wine Festival about a month ago. Although they arrived at the close of the first day, they both returned the following day to get a closer look at my art and to discuss a commission that would fit their space.

Once we worked out the details of the size and colors, using one of my existing smaller pieces that they loved, I was able to add artwork into their space to give them an idea of how it would look. Now they were able to better envision how my art would look in their home.

With that part done, I got to work on creating a piece that would fit perfectly above their mantel in the living room. The canvas is 48″ wide by 36″ tall and 1.5″ deep. Although I have created large pieces before (my last one was 54×54″), it had been a while and it was a lot of fun creating on a super-sized canvas again.

Before I started, I thought it would be fun to record the entire process (in hyper-speed!) for the collector and to share on social media. So, I got my phone set up on a tripod and I turned it on and went about creating.

It was well received by the collector and the wonderful folks who follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Since I broke up the process into several segments for posting purposes, I decided to put it all in one continues stream of video and to also slow it down just a little.

Here’s a link on to my Youtube channel to see the entire process from start to end. I hope you enjoy it!


I have delivered the artwork and the collectors love it! That is the best part of creating art!


I’m heading overseas on Friday to visit my parents and relatives in Croatia.  You can see my adventures on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you for following my art journeys!






Landscaped Blues

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