Getting Outside My Head

The Process

When creating art there are several steps that I enter, go through and exit. One quickly merges into the next and into the next and before I know it I’m in the home stretch of completing a painting.

In the Beginning

I love all the steps involved. When I begin a painting, I start with mark making. This allows me to put down lines and circles and squiggly lines. It loosens me up. And, I am no longer staring at a vast area of white (which can be intimidating). Most of those marks are covered up, so it’s a great time to let loose and just go for it.

My next step is paint. I pick out a couple of colors to start with and then add more as I go. I work on a large plastic-covered area on my table so that I can mix my colors.  At this point I’m still working on the under-painting, not the final layer.  This means I can continue to put down paint without thinking too much about the final result. Actually, thinking usually makes it harder to paint, so I try to stay out of my head and in my heart.

betty - first layers

To see my beginning process for the painting above, click on this link for a short video.

After I initially posted that video, a lot of folks wanted to know how the painting was finished. I didn’t continue taping the next day mainly because I find that I’m too aware of the camera and, therefore, I don’t relax and just paint. Here is the completed piece:

living in a dream world - 30x40 on canvas - may 24, 2017“living in a dream world” 30×40 on canvas {sold}

Creativity over Logic

I believe that the most important part of my process is using my right brain (creativity) versus my left brain (logic). There is this constant war that goes on during the painting process and I have to remind myself to not think! (However, the left brain is very handy when I’m putting together newsletters like this one.)

Do you find yourself battling between the right and left side of the brain? How does that show up in your line of work? What do you do to keep them separated and keep the creativity flowing?

Wishing you a creative week,



Getting Outside My Head

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