How to Choose Abstract Art

It can be very intimidating selecting art and maybe even more so when it comes to abstract art. When we see representational art, such as a tree in a meadow or a house on a hill, we often connect to it because we have seen something similar in our lives. It is familiar to us and can even bring us comfort.

Abstract art is non-representational and requires a little more understanding of what we are seeing with our eyes. It offers shapes and lines we don’t immediately recognize or colors that don’t convey the way we see everyday objects. It’s a mystery to us as we look closer to figure out exactly what it is in a way that our brains can understand it.

I believe the beauty of abstract art is not in the seeing or thinking, but in the FEELING. How does it make you feel when you view it? Happy, surprised, moved, inspired, disturbed, angry? If you take a moment to consider how it makes you feel, you will now “see” the abstract art in a whole new light.

Although we often think we need art in our home that matches the sofa or rug, I promise that you will find a special place for the piece of abstract art that makes your heart happy every time you see it. It may not match perfectly, but it will stand out and have an impact on you. I find that to be even more important than doing the matchy-match thing.

So, when you’re shopping for new art or just experiencing art, try to remove the thoughts in your head and focus on the feelings in your heart. When you see a piece of art that delights you, you are on the right path to choosing abstract art that is right for you. In the end, you may find that the art chose you.

6 - accidentally on purpose - 24x24x1.5 on canvas - June 2, 2017 (1)

I have several more art festivals in the SF Bay Area this summer:

August 5 & 6:            Fremont Festival of the Arts
August 12 & 13:         Los Gatos Fiesta De Artes
September 9 & 10:   Mt. View Art & Wine Festival
September 17:            Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival

20170722_093240 - Copy

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How to Choose Abstract Art

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