The Interview

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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a very kind soul, Chrystal Green, who has brought together interviews of 12 artists, in a series called Transformation through Creative Expression.

I don’t know about you, but when someone says they want to interview me, my first response is “cool” and my second (immediately following within seconds) is “yikes, an interview”! It’s true that one of our biggest fears as humans is speaking in front of people. Although I have talked in front of many people in my career as a customer service manager, this was different.

You’ll soon hear that I have only been creating art for the past 5 years. I started a little late in life–actually the timing was perfect–and I am still learning and growing as an artist. Because I’m still a “young” artist, my confidence level is not where it was when I left my career in the corporate world. But, I took on the challenge.

Chrystal did an amazing job of making these interviews available in one place. I have learned to much from the other artists. For one, I am not alone in my insecurities of being a new artist.

You can hear my 9 minute interview using this link. I’m under Day 2. And, you can listen to the other 11 artists tell their amazing stories.

Transformation through Creative Expression

I talk about creating art on a very small scale in the beginning. I was using index cards…yup, that small. First the 3×5″ index cards and then the 4×6″ cards. About two years after that I went to a workshop in Canada and created on a 16×20″ canvas. To me, that was huge. But, I did it and it was a wonderful experience that propelled me into creating on a larger scale.

Here’s an example of the art I was creating in the beginning:

August 2013 - for Alexandra

As you can see, I was using stamps along with acrylics paints. This one is a 4×6″ index card. You can find youtube videos (link at bottom) of tutorials I created using small index cards.

After the cards, I started creating larger, both on paper and canvas. Here’s an example of my art at that time.


This one is an 8×10″ in canvas board. I moved away from stamps and focused more on just using my paints.

After several years of creating, I am where I am today. When I look back, I can see how far I have come in terms of my growth. I love all the steps I have taken to get here. Each one served a purpose of allowing me to experiment and grow. Without that, I could not possibly create the way I do today.

Learn more about Chrystal here:

Thank you for following my art journey.









The Interview

4 thoughts on “The Interview

  1. Catherine Goswell says:

    Thank you for your inspirational words. Now I don’t feel so nervous of ‘having a go’ & won’t worry that I might not create a masterpiece. I enjoyed listening to your interview very much. I am not on Facebook, but I may have to consider it in order to view your tutorials. Thanks again!


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