Me and Morro Bay

If you haven’t been to the Central Coast of California, you’ll want to add Morro Bay to your list. It’s a sweet little town on the water with a bay on one side and the roaring ocean on the other side of Morro Rock. The waterfront has lots of boats and cute shops and eateries to delight all the senses.


I went there last weekend for the Morro Bay Art in the Park Festival. There were about 100 vendors in a park only blocks away from the water. I arrived late Friday afternoon to set up. Many vendors already had their booths ready for the next day. Here’s my space with just my tent up (first pic) and then with my black propanel walls in place.



The best part is getting all my art up and surrounding myself in color.


Although this festival has been going on for more than 25 years, that weekend with the 4th of July being on Tuesday, really didn’t bring in the crowds. The vendors that have been doing this for 8, 15, 20+ years said it was the slowest year they’ve even seen. Just my luck, right?

Well, all is not lost. I had a lovely walk on Saturday evening after resting a little in the fun and funky inn where I stayed. I knew it was the place for me because of the cool, original artwork above my bed. Turns out the owner is an artist.


I was staying right across the street from the water. I decided to check out Morro Rock up close. I had to move quickly because it was already after 8 and the sun was setting. Those logs floating in the water (bottom right pic) are sea otters that were waving at me. So cute!



The best picture was when I was about to cross the street to go back to the inn. The sky in the distance plus the lights up front made it seem so eerie and cool at the same time.


I’m on the wait list for an art festival this weekend in Los Altos (CA). Keeping my fingers crossed I get in! Then the following weekend I’ll be at the Menlo Summerfest in Menlo Park, CA. That will be fun!

So, if you get out to the coast, check out Morro Bay and if you’re in the Bay Area, stop by to visit me!

Wishing you a wonderful, creative week!





Me and Morro Bay

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