Never Thought It Would Happen

I’ve been following Jane Davies for years. She has a “what if” approach to creating. She’s not afraid to try something new knowing full well it may not work. How can we learn if we don’t try…and make mistakes along the way.

Her YouTube videos always pull me in. I want to see how one color will work over another. How one line will work with a variety of different sized lines. Watching Jane add layer after layer always mesmerizes me.

I’ve taken her in-person workshop in Portland, OR a couple of years ago and really enjoyed learning and getting first hand advice on creating. She runs a tight ship in her workshops (so that she covers everything), but she knows how to let loose and have some fun, too.

Me, Jane, and my artsy friends, Rina and Lory

So, you can just imagine how ecstatic I was when she asked me if I would submit a few of my pieces for consideration for her new book, ABSTRACT PAINTING, The Elements of Visual Language.

I just received my copy of her new book and was super delighted to find “Meet Me At 10” on page 70!



Yes, made my day!


“Meet Me At 10” is part of my City Blocks series. You can find close up pictures and purchase information here.

Check out all that Jane has to offer:  Jane Davies Studios

Purchase your copy of her new book on Amazon.

Wishing you a wonderful, creative week!




Never Thought It Would Happen

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