I’m Back…for a Couple of Weeks

I’m back in Washington…at least for a couple of weeks. I spent almost 20 years in the Seattle area before moving back to where I grew up and where my brother, sister, their families and my friends are:  San Jose, CA.

My husband and I love Winthrop, WA (Northeastern Washington). We’ve been coming here for years with friends to go cross-country skiing. We decided we would spend more of our semi-retirement years here, so we built a home. Well, I should say, we’re still building, but we’re very near the end.

My first day was spent sanding the wood window frames and trim so that they can get another coat of clear varnish. That was a workout.

My second day was also spent sanding, but only had a few more windows to do and then it was my time = painting.

It was great to get my hands into the paints again and to get familiar with my (limited) supplies and wonderful space. I had left a canvas on the wall with only a couple of layers on it at the end of my last visit. I decided to tackle it first and start a new one on the side.

Getting close to done in this pic and I added a few more layers on the new canvas to the left using left over paint.

My work table with paints.

Pretty much done. I’ll take a look at it again in a day or so to see if I want to add anything more. It is 36×24″ and it still needs a name.

Thank you for following my art journey. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



I’m Back…for a Couple of Weeks

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