What if This is All You Need?

The Struggle

I really struggled with this one. When I work on two at the same time, I go back and forth, but at some point I usually end up spending more time on one than the other. Well, that’s what happened here. This poor guy was left on the side because I didn’t know where to go next.

Here’s a progress pic after many layers:

Getting Bold

It was looking okay, but just not where I wanted it to be yet. So, that meant being a little bold and adding shapes and colors and marks to give it more interest, more oomph.  I think I did it. It took some time and telling myself to just go for it. Definitely good advice!

Here are some detail pics:

Here’s the final piece:

It’s All I Need

I named it “it’s all I need” when I finished. Truly, if I can paint like this every day and feel happy…even giddy, then it’s all I need.  I used 12×9 inch watercolor paper with acrylics and pencils. Like my offer yesterday and to thank you for following my art journey, I’m reducing this one to $85 (regularly $115). And, I’m offering free shipping anywhere in the world. Just reply to this email if you’re interested.

I grew up in a home where every Saturday (after morning cartoons) was housecleaning day. Vacuum, change bed sheets, clean bathrooms, wash floors. I still do all those things….just not on Saturday!  I hope that your Saturday is spent doing something creative!




Website:  www.bettykrauseart.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/betty.franks.krause.art
Instagram:  www.instagram.com/betty.krause.art/
YouTube:  www.youtube.com/BettyKrauseArt

What if This is All You Need?

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